Vice Party

This day we had two parties to attend; Jade Jezebel Jagger Party (you know Mick Jagger's daughter) and the Vice Party. We started with Jade Jagger's party, which SUCKED so bad (no pictures!), talk about an overrated party. Thank God we had another party to attend, and it just happened to be one of the best parties in our lives so far.

The artist of the night perfomed Game Boy music....

...that got a "little" bit too crazy.

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Appeal to the Eye sa...

wooooo I look so trashhhhhhh fuck hahaha
and so white in the other below. hahaha
hei the guy with red sunglasses and the fur scarf is my boyfriend. nice huh?
yep. hei you took really good pic with that camera, what camera is that, got a good flash and what else. what do you use to publish and upload your pics to the blog? coz photobucket is a shit!

MyNa sa...

Hahahaha...nice! we didn't know he was your boyfriend. :)

some of the photos were shot with a Canon 400D, and some of them were shot with a Samsung L73. I publish my photos on Flickr.com, a really great site!