God Natt!

Vad händer på valborg? Jag har helt glömt bort att det är långhelg denna helg. Det känns som jag har så mycket att göra hela tiden så att jag glömmer bort vilken veckodag det är. Just nu är jag i slutfasen av mitt examensarbete, det kan ju bero på det. Jag har inte tid att tänka på ledighet.

Translation: The weekend starts tomorrow for most of the people, but not for me. I got too much stuff to do, cause I have to finish my thesis by the end of next week.


different styles.



Spring Inspiration Fashion Show 2009 Countdown! 18 Days Left!

Things are starting to happen and I'm very excited about it. We are gonna meet our models for the fashion show next week for fitting, and that shall be interesting since we only know two of the models from last year. New year and new faces, lets pray they will be as dope as our previous models .

Right now we are searching and searching and searching and yeah did I meantion searching for music to our runway show. We want something off da HOOK and wont settle for anything less.
GOD its so hard to find good music when you really want to find it. MyNa is a trooper cos she stayed up almost all night trying to find music that will fit our show and hopefully we will find it soon.


24 hours, too little?

Jag har jobbat 25 timmar på två dagar så jag har missat det fina vårvädret, men just nu behöver jag jobba och så farligt är det inte. Det här är ett av de hundra lager kläder jag har på mig när jag jobbar.

Jag hann inte lägga upp gårdagens bild så den kommer idag istället. Ibland har dygnet för få timmar, på sista tiden känns det så för ofta.


Translation: Work work work, all weekend. Exhausted. 24 hours is too little, sometimes.

Its Coming!

Jag har njutit av den varmaste helgen ever, so far så att säga, denna helg och det har varit underbart. Kom nyss hem från jobbet på A6, där det förövrigt är dött, och är en aningen trött. Idag blir det nog att bara chilla, har en tuff vecka framför mig med både skola och fotograferande. Yes de nya varorna är på g och det är så grymt hett att jag inte vet var jag ska ta vägen.

English: New stuff on their way!!! Dont forget to check out Mahoyo.com!


"She says I'm boring her camera"

Har suttit på Skype med Pharah i snart två timmar. Sitter fortfarande och pratar med henne, eller vi pratar inte så mycket utan i sitter och kollar upp boende i Berlin, det är inte lätt alltså. Samtidigt försöker jag hitta en bra låt till vår visning på Spring Inspiration, det är inte heller lätt. Jag försöker dessutom skriva på mitt examensarbete, det här är verkligen inte lätt.
Så dagens kort blev sådär.

Translation: Right now I'm Skyping with Pharah, we have been skyping for almost 2 hours now. We're looking for somewhere to stay in Berlin this summer, this is not a easy task. I'm also looking for runway music to Spring Inspiration.


Spring Inspiration will be OFF THE HOOK!

We took a walk to a meeting about Spring Inspiration May 16th.

Got hungry on the way, ate burgers and a new kind of combination; kebab and mashed potatoes.

They treated us with some snacks and very good information about the fashion show at the meeting. The only thing I can tell you is that it will be OFF THE HOOK!!! Don't miss it!



ABDC Is HOT and LiL Mama Needs To Get A Grip!

I'm watching Americas Best Dance Crew and its like a drog, once you pop you cant stop. The crews are so good and I'm amazed by their skills. This show is hot, and it would even hotter if Lil Mama could stop wearing her ridiculous baseboll caps with the ponytails on tops, I mean whats up with dat? It looks like she is cutting holes in the caps herself. This girl needs a stylist really BAD.
Anyway, like I said this show is hot and I have to go back to it now.

Tomorrow its time for us to meet all the people behind Spring Inspiration, hmm it will be very interesting to hear what they have to say.
23 days left! Get the tickets!!!!



I'm off to work now!

PS. New stuff oh-so soon @ mahoyo.com


Spring Inspiration Fashion Show 2009 Countdown! 25 Days Left!

Slow day. I havent been doing much other than job hunting. I hate to job hunt but its a must. I'm superhappy about the trip to Bread and Butter Berlin though. Its gonna rock, I can tell, I'm just crossing my fingers nothing will come my way and prevent me from going. Cos I'm going, I have to go, I'm already there in my mind!

Enough about that, lets concentrate us on all the fun stuff happening next month instead!

Dont forget, its only 25 days left to Spring Inspiration 2009!


The tickets are out, join us and be apart of a fantabolous evening on the bridge! Fashion & Music brought to you!

Tickets are sold in the participating stores:
(you can also ask mahoyo)

At the university:
Student service ( studenternas hus )
JSA-shop ( JIBS )

I think I'm addicted...


Jag har klippt mitt hår lite, jag tror jag har blivit beroende av att klippa mitt eget hår. Det hela började i höstas, och nu klipper jag mig kanske var tredje vecka känns det som. Just nu trivs jag i kortklippt.

Translation: I've cut my own hair today, just a little bit, it happens quite often nowadays.


Spring Inspiration Fashion Show 2009 26 Days Left!

Yeah yeah ya heard, its 26 days left to the biggest fashion show and event held in Jkpg. Its all gonna take place on the newly build and superfancy bridge on munksjön, yes the bridge!
Make sure to get the tickets ASAP!

Mahoyo Heart Lew!

The Amsterdam based lable Lew is killing it! Their s/s 09 is off da hook! Love everything about it!


Igår köpte vi flygbiljetter till Berlin i sommar för Bread and Butter. Pharah skickade några länkar, sen helt plötsligt hade vi köpt biljetter :) Jag har faktiskt aldrig varit i Tyskland, så det ska bli spännande.

Translation: We bought plane tickets to Berlin last night to this summer's Bread and Butter. Sweet!


M.I.A. @ Coachella

This is crazy! She invites fans to the stage.

Oh how I wish I were at Coachella this weekend!!!!

Worked all day instead, I couldn't even watch the webcast from the festival last night cause I had to sleep.


Love Sex Magic!

Wawawiwa this shit is so H.O.T I dont even know where to begin. Ciaras body is to kill for! Looking at this video makes me wanna run to the gym straight away, but thats not gonna happen is it?.


You gotta hear this one song. It'll change your life, I swear.

Medan de andra är på tält- och grillfest så ska jag förgylla min kväll med Garden State och sedan gå och lägga mig. Jag ska nämligen börja jobba sju imorgon, och mitt alarm är inställt på 05.40!!!

Translation: The girls are at a bbq and tent party right now while I have to go to sleep soon, cause I have to wake up 05.40(!) tomorrow morning. Before that I'm gonna watch Garden State.

SPOLER WARNING: This video is a huge spoiler, if you haven't seen this movie yet (which I recommend you to do), don't watch this video clip.


My little brother played some basketball games today. It was fun to watch them play and hang out with him.


Happy Hour.

We spent our friday night at Bongo Bar.

Pia and I found this wagon on our way home.

I pulled her all the way home from the bus stop. I can't believe she trusted me, cause it is a huge down hill from that bus stop to our house. Luckily no one got harmed.


Starbucks in Jönköping?

Ska Jönköping få Starbucks? Grejen är att ingen vet, riktigt skumt! I sådana fall blir det Sveriges första Starbucks.

Translation: Apparently we're getting Starbucks in Jönköping, as it says in that picture. But nobody knows for sure, weird.


Spring Inspiration Fashion Show 2009 Countdown!

Whats poppin? Spring Inspiration 2009
When? Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 9:00pm- 2:00am
Were? Munksjöbron, Jönköping City

Price? 300 SEK, including afterparty.
Tickets can be bought at S.T.I.L, or just ask Mahoyo and we'll hook ya'll up.

Sweden's 3rd largest, and THE best fashion show, held in Jönköping City. It´s the 12th year of the Spring Inspiration fashion show; and this year we will host the biggest and best show thus far!

If you know what´s good for you, you´ll be in Jönköping on the 16th to see Mahoyo rock the runway once again, in this amazing event in the heart of the city.

Don´t miss your chance!

Confirmed artists thus far include, Lazee and J-son. Check out their Myspace pages.--





No wonder I love this man!

Go Piggy!

Den här mannen har talang, Takeuchi Taijin tar stop motion till en helt ny nivå, vilken kreativitet!

Translation: WOW, I am blown away, Takeuchi Taijin takes the stop motion technique to the next level. This is amazing!

me me me...

Massa dagar från mitt 365-projekt jag inte har hunnit lägga upp på bloggen, men här är iallafall några av de bilder jag har tagit dessa dagar.

Translation: some of the pictures from my 365 days project on Flickr.


"My eyes are green cause I eat a lot of vegetables"

This is the soup we cooked yesterday.


Mahoyo.com is da shiet!

I'm at the girls apt and we are about to cook some delicious vegetable soup, while planning upcoming events that are about to happen this spring and summer. Its gonna be alot of fun, but we also have alot of work ahead of us.

We'll fill ya'll in later.

Stay fresh

"Do you want to go to the seaside?"

We had a great Easter Weekend. Saturday: Chillin with some wine and snacks att Bubba and Miki's place. Miki made a really delicious cake. Sunday: We took our first walk by the beach. It was a little bit chilly by the seaside, but still calm and beautiful. The sunset was magical. Pia tried to teach Pharah how to ride a longboard. This is the first time I'm standing on a longboard since I fell and broke mine last year. I really have to fix it. We met up with Miki downtown for a coffee and some food. The evening ended with wine at Bubba and Miki's balcony.