The Wackest Video Of The Year Goes To...

This aint ok, this aint alright, the video for the song "Echo" on R.Kelly's Untitled album has to be the wackest video I've ever seen. I love the track and cant express how disappointed I am. I'm having a really hard time believing that this is the original video for " Echo", and it seams like I'm not the only one who has been let down, here is some of the comments people made on youtube:

"Excellent song - but man this video sucks nutz.

Looks like it was done with a fruckin i-phone, with a few dodgy video effects in microsoft movie maker - Poor, very poor"

"damn kellz is losin it i mean great song but damn like a homemade video he made in like 10 minutes a 12 year old could of made it better "

"Don't Get Me Wrong, Echo is a Hot Track

Remix Even Better,Don't Fuk Up a Great Track (Echo).I Guess U didn't Want 2 kickout some money,But U Said U Kickout A Few G's,When Your Bored, U Know What Song Im Talkin about "

"Really bad video for a really good song! He must be playing with that video"

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