Best of 2010 pt. 1: January - April

It's that time again, it's hard to believe that 2010 has soon come to an end. This year has been far beyond our expectations. We've summarized Mahoyo's AMAZING 2010, here's the first part, enjoy!

We took part of the dance event Celebration of Womanhood, as sponsors.
WomanHood 033 copy
WomanHood 072 copy
WomanHood 356 copy
Then we took part of Street Star aka Juste Debout the biggest dance festival in Scandinavia. We were selling stuff from our webshop: MAHOYO.COM.
Streetstar 2010 2 065 copy
Streetstar 2010 1 167 copy
Streetstar 2010 2 190 copy
We saw lots of amazing concerts.
The XX @ Debaser Medis, Stockholm
Talib Kweli @ Göta Källare, Stockholm
Imogen Heap @ Nalen, Stockholm 26/2-10
Florence + The Machine
Mos Def Live @ Göta Källare
We had our DJ debut in February at Musslan.
people ohamn base 156 copy
base och tutti frutti 050 copy
We made our first mixtape...

...and landed a gig at one of the biggest touring events; Smirnoff/VICE Experience in Berlin.

Smirnoff Experience Berlin
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 067 copy
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 125 copy
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 234 copy
We got the chance to experience the life of an touring artist; staying at nice hotels, free food and drinks, hanging out backstage with the other artists, partying all night and getting no sleep, attending super cool parties, never knowing where your headed and constantly waiting and waiting and waiting, but guess what....we frikkin LOVE it!!!
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 305 copy
We also got the chance to spin some tracks at the Yum Yum party.
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 389 copy
Smirnoff Experience Berlin YumYum 373 copy

To be continued...

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