LA 2: A Day at the beach + A night out

Gergous beach. Driving in LA can be a bitch, we were heading for Venice beach but came to Santa Monica, not that it matter much but still... LA 2 LA 2 LA 2 Our friend Madde from our hometown Oskarshamn is in LA as an au pair. LA 2 LA 2 LA 2 Santa Monica Pier. LA 2 The most hyped hamburger restaurang in LA is called In-N-Out Burgers. Not as good as everybody claims, it's kinda overrated. We still think MAX in Sweden got the best hamburgers. LA 2 We just had to take a picture of a liquor store sign, can't get more American than this. LA 2 We headed out to Hollywood Blvd to see what the nightlife was like. LA 2 LA 2 LA 2 We'll get back to you on that...

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